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Real estate can be complex and may require knowledge of certain aspects in order to make informed choices. This is why we are keen to provide expert advice to help make the best possible decision with regard to property management. 

4 questions you should ask yourself


You should take the time to ask yourself these 4 simple questions to determine whether you should retain the service of a property management company to manage your properties. Have you already asked yourself these questions? 

Co-ownership management

Ensuring that all your properties are managed properly is important regardless of whether you recently purchased a condo or have been living in a condo for several years. In fact, poor property management could result in a number of problems and directly lead to an increase in condo fees. Discover how you can avoid these unpleasant surprises! 

Estate financing

Getting financing can be an obstacle you will need to face if you wish to buy property. However, you must be aware that there are many resources available to help you overcome this obstacle. Do you know about these resources?

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